About Psychotherapy

What is psychoanalytic psychotherapy?

I practice psychoanalytic psychotherapy which is a form of talking therapy that has its roots in psychoanalysis. Within the safety of a trusting relationship, we will work together to identify patterns of behaviour and ways of relating that until now might have been difficult to know about or make sense of. Our work will try to make these processes and patterns more conscious allowing you to have more choice in how you live your life. You can read more about psychotherapy here.

This type of therapy tends to be longer term and less structured than some other forms of manualised therapies. It requires you to bring to the session whatever is on your mind and I will be listening very carefully to what you say. We will work together to understand what may be going on at a deeper level, what the common themes are in your life and try to make a new sense of your inner world that will allow life to run more smoothly.

The focus in sessions is on both the past and the present and we work together to understand the connections between the two. A crucial aspect of our work will be our exploration of all relationships in your life including ours, as it is our relationship that can be used to provide insight into how you relate to others in your life.